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Valley Center Fitness
A full service fitness center in your hometown!


About Us

Travis & Debbie Shain - Owners

Travis and Debbie Shain grew up in Valley Center and are actively involved in the community. After years of working in the fitness industry and customer service experience, the couple decided to pursue their dreams of changing lives and bringing fitness to their hometown. Shain Fitness Center opened in January of 2013 and flourished with great support from the community, and they were proud to offer an affordable, convenient, and inspiring opportunity for people to better themselves through fitness and nutrition at  a local fitness center. In 2015, Travis and Debbie continued to spread their wings in entrepreneurship and sold the fitness center to transition to other business opportunities. After just one year, the couple learned that their passion for fitness and their community was far greater than they imagined and they purchased the fitness center back in 2016 and now operate Valley Center Fitness proudly. Together they have 4 beautiful children and love being rooted in the community of Valley Center and continue to share their passion for helping others through Valley Center Fitness. Beyond operating the gym, the couple actively coaches local sports teams, volunteers for local events, supports VC youth and sports programs through donations, and they love the beach and Hawaii! Stop by the gym anytime to get to know them! Thank you for your support!